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Your Local Builders in Belsize Park NW3

Here at we have local, versatile builders able to draw on years of experience working on projects like yours.  We turn up on time, never leave a job unfinished and always leave your home as we found it. We provide most building services relating to internal and external structure such as plastering, tiling, walls, roofs, brickwork, pointing  and more.

Our builders are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We have been providing building services in Belsize Park NW3, Hampstead NW3 and all NW3 areas for many years and we hae many loyal and satisfied customers.

For larger projects in NW3 such as residential property extensions, refurbishments and conversions, we are able to provide all the trades here at working to the same schedule resulting in shorter lead times and a single point of contact for you. 

Builders Who Care For Your Home

You will receive the highest standard of property maintenance and customer care in Belsize Park NW3. We turn up on time, never leave a job unfinished and always leave your home just as we find it.

Here at we are often told of the despair and disruption people experience when confronted by builders and tradesmen in dirty overalls and boots. Our team of local builders and qualified tradesman are conditioned to working for your cleanly and tidily.

Tradesmen You Can Trust

Belsize Park Residents Association lists us in its publication 'Tradesmen You Can Trust' now for more than 10 years. It is likely that we have worked in the Belsize Park NW3 area for neighbours of yours, doing jobs like yours and wherever possible we supply references to you.

Our Guarantee for your Peace of mind

We want you to be satisfied with the Building work we do for you so we provide a 6 months guarantee on all workmanship. In the unlikely event that the work we do becomes defective, we will put it right at no cost to you. Full terms and conditions are in the website.

Set Rates and Transparent Charging

There are no hidden charges and you know what you will be paying beforehand because our builders operate to a half-hourly charging policy (minimum one hour) using clear set rates and no call out charges.  Book online or call us on 0208 348 6415 to book service or make inquiries. 

Our standard * Building rates are only 28 pounds per half hour. We also provide a convenient 'out of hours' ** service with a rate of 37 pounds per half hour.

* 8am - 5pm Monday to Friday, ** 5pm - 9pm Monday to Friday, 8am - 6pm Weekends and Bank Holidays

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We offer charging per half hour with a minimum one hour charge. The rate tariff below shows our standard half hourly rates. Our standard hours are 8am to 5pm monday to friday. We also provide an out of hours service 5pm to 9pm monday to friday. 8am to 6pm on weekend days and bank holidays.


Trade Standard Rate
(per half hour)
Out of Hours Rate
Rate (per half hour)
General Building £28 £37
Electrical £48 £54
Plumbing £32 £43
Carpentry £28 £37
Gas and Central Heating £48 £54
Drainage £38 £48
Roofing Subject to Estimate  
Decoration Subject to Estimate    

Terms of Business

1. When you book online we will contact you using the number that is provided to confirm the reservation. Hourly paid work reservations that are cancelled less than 24 hours prior forfeit any deposit paid or incur a penalty charge of £250 maximum (or 4 hours at the stated hourly rate) whichever figure is the greater. 2. Half hourly charging is calculated from the time our engineer arrives and is rounded up to the nearest half hour.  Purchased materials will be charged  plus 20% unless agreed prior. 3. Parking Permits will be required on arrival in parking controlled zones. Where an Engineer is required to find parking on the highway the costs of the parking and the time taken to park are charged at the applicable hourly rate for that time of day. 4. Completion Payment is due in full at the end of the job. Payment can be made by cheque, cash or credit card (which will incur a small additional surcharge) due on completion of the job unless prior payment terms are agreed beforehand. Overdue balances of whole or part of the project are charged at a rate of 2% per day 5. Re work, out of Scope work and Unforeseen work. Where rework is due to retrospective changes made by the customer or changes to original agreed specification this is chargeable at our set hourly rates. When a figure is specified or agreed this will be invoiced to be paid separately. Where design and specification is left to ourselves to decide as opposed to a detailed specification or drawings then the costs of rework become the responsibility of the customer. 6. Where a deposit is required this will be payable in advance of any works starting. Deposit serves as confirmation of acceptance of these terms and the agreed terms for the works. 7. Obligations of Customer  It is the customers responsibility to ensure that equipment essential to the project is delivered to site when required by the contractor in a timely manner to ensure that no project delays, over runs or downtime occur. Downtime and enforced overruns are charged at the set rate of £448 per day (or part thereof) for the projected duration of the project and payable at the end of each day. 8. Disposal Charges   Disposal is charged separately at £56/hr. Disposal can be at the end of a project or at several points during the project. 9. Estimates Where an estimate has been provided we reserve the right to adjust the estimate regardless of changes of scope, specification and design.  10. Cancellation - Cancellation of a project where a deposit has been paid incur a penalty of 50% of the deposit if cancellation is made less than 1 week prior to agreed start date. 100% retention of the deposit is incurred if cancellation is made less than 24 hours prior to the agreed start date. If the project is cancelled during the project for whatever reason the full balance of the project and any extra works done become due. If the customer cancels the contract during the course of works without our consent then the customer shall indemnify ourselves against loss, damage, claims or actions arising out of such cancellation unless otherwise agreed in writing. 11. Purchase of materials - Contractor will purchase materials on behalf of customer at rate of 120% of the receipt figure. This is to cover the time spent and is an infrequent occurrence. Not applicable if it is agreed that we will supply materials. Reimbursement of material receipts are due and can be requested at periodic intervals during the course of the project. 12. Emergency call out charges charged at an additional 1 hour plus the cost of doing the works. Minimum emergency call out charge therefore is 2 hours. 13. Snagging - Where only snagging is outstanding, 95% of payments must be paid on completion. Full access is to be given to our engineer to complete the snagging. The final 5% balance is due upon completion of snagging or if access has not been provided in the 7 days after completion. 14. Exclusions of liability - We will not be responsible for damage suffered to a part of a customers property (whether or not we are working in this part) where damage is in whole/part a consequence of a defect in the property or as a result of a pre condition of the property prior to our work.span style="display: none;">